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Wallner's Rule.
If a thing is worth doing, hire it out.

Walters's Law of Management.
If you're already in a hole, there's no use to continue digging.

Warren's Warning.
If the boss calls, get his name.

West's Laws.
(1) West's Basic Law: The difficulty in arranging a meeting varies as the square of the number of people involved. (2) The Law of Professionalism: The value of the service or product you buy increases as the cube of its quality and professionalism and rarity. (To put it another way, the baseball player who bats .360 is worth more than twice as much as the player who bats .180. In fact, the .360 hitter is in Hall of Fame territory, while the. 180 hitter is on the verge of flunking out of the business altogether.)

Wicker's Law.
Government expands to absorb revenue—and then some.

Wilgus's Warning.
Always slow down for Dead Man's Curve.

Willis's Law of Public Administration.
In any federal management report, the recommendations that would result in actual savings will be rejected, but the rejection will be "balanced" by the enthusiastic acceptance of those that increase costs.

Woehlke's Law.
Nothing is done until nothing is done. (1) Middle managers can never get the people they need for a job as long as they continue to muddle through by means of overtime, ulcers, and superhuman effort. But when enough people quit in frustration so that the job is not finished, upper management will approve the hiring of the necessary people. (2) Ditto for salaries. (3) The energy crisis [substitute your favorite crisis] will worsen until the whole house of cards collapses. Then and only then will effective measures be taken.

Woodruff's Work Rule.
Everybody works for the sales department.

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