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Vancini's Discovery.
In a bureaucracy, good ideas go too far.

Van Roy's Laws of Work.
(1) Van Roy's Basic Law: Honesty is the best policy—there's less competition. (2) Van Roy's Rule of Empowerment at Work: Never agree with your boss until he says something. (3) Van Roy's Limitations Rule of Work Complexity: Anything that is simple to do is never easy to accomplish.

Vaughan's Rule of Corporate Life.
The less important you are on the table of organization, the more you'll be missed if you don't show up for work.

Veeck's Law of Enforced Humility.
When you've run as fast as you can up the highest mountain you can find, you will find something or somebody waiting at the top to deflate you.

Vietinghof's Precept.
He who controls the forms controls the program.

Vogel's Observation of Office Behavior.
When an executive on vacation picks up pebbles and small shells from the beach and flippantly tosses them into the air, it is merely a continuation of his career-long habit of zipping rubber bands at the back of the head of his busy secretary.

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