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Tansik's Law of Bureaucratic Success.
Success in a bureaucracy depends not so much on whom you please, but on whom you avoid making angry. Corollary: To succeed, concentrate not on doing great things but on the avoidance of making mistakes.

Taylor's Discovery.
In any organization there are only two people to contact if you want resultsó the person at the very top and the person at the very bottom.

Thomas's Rules of the Game.
(1) No matter how well you do something, someone won't like it. (2) No matter how trivial the assignment, it is always possible to build it up to a major issue. (3) A good, illegible signature is a key to success.

Thompson's Publication Premise.
The probability of anyone reviewing a document in full diminishes with the number of pages.

Thomson's Law.
Ten percent of your subcontractors will give you 90 percent of your aggravation.

Tom's Caca and the Fan Theory.
Some of us dance because we like the music. The rest of us are just dodging the falling debris.

Toomey's Rule.
It is easy to make decisions on matters for which you have no responsibility.

Training's Discovery.
Technical reports are expanded from outlines, so that aides can recon-dense them for executive use.

Truths of Management.
(1) Think before you act; it's not your money. (2) All good management is the expression of one great idea. (3) No executive devotes effort to proving himself wrong. (4) Cash in must exceed cash out. (5) Management capability is always less than the organization actually needs. (6) Either an executive can do his job or he can't. (7) If sophisticated calculations are needed to justify an action, don't do it. (8) If you are doing something wrong, you will do it badly. (9) If you are attempting the impossible, you will fail. (10) The easiest way of making money is to stop losing it.

Turk's Laws of Traffic.
(1) It is always rush hour. (2) "Fast lanes" do not exist. (3) An accident in one lane will slow all lanes, regardless of their number and direction.

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