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Samuelson's Corollary.
Public bureaucracy breeds private bureaucracy.

Sarge's Astute Observations of Human Behavior.
When your boss says, "You don't have to if you don't want to," he means, "You have to even if you don't want to."

Savage's Business Lesson.
Forgive and Remember.

Seymour's Beatitude of Bureaucracy (on the treatment of employee complaints).
The first time you're a disgruntled employee. The second time you're a pain in the ass. The third time you're a nut.

Shapiro/Kaufman Law.
The lag in American productivity is directly related to the steady increase in the number of business conferences and conventions.

Skole's Rule of Antique Dealers.
Never simply say, "Sorry, we don't have what you are looking for." Always say, "Too bad, I just sold one the other day."

Smith's Law.
The economy is strong only to those who are well off. Colaterally: The unemployment rate is never very good to those out of work.

Smith's Principle of the Displaced Hassle.
To beat the bureaucracy, make your problem their problem.

Snyder's Law.
In any situation involving more than one person doing similar jobs, the important information will be given to the person not involved in the project, and he will forget to pass it along, as it does not involve him.

Springer's Law.
Whenever someone you know, or someone you do business with, moves to a new location, it's always farther away.

Stark's Laws.
(1) The demand is greatest for the item that just ran out of stock. (2) Of contracting: The most problems will occur on jobs farthest from the shop.

Stein's Simplified Economic Theory.
The money stays the same; the pockets just keep changing.

Straus's Axioms
(1) Everything the government touches turns to solid waste. (2) After the government turns something to solid waste, it deregulates it and turns it into natural gas.

Strother's Discovery.
The loftier the ideals of an organization, the dirtier the infighting.

Szymcik's Universal Law of Experts.
An expert is not someone who is often right, as opposed to a nonexpert; each is wrong about the same percent of the time. But the expert can always tell you why he was wrong; so you can always tell the difference.

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