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Rabbe's Revision.
The check's in the email

Radcliffe's Rule.
There's no such thing as a single call to a federal agency.

Radovic's Rule.
In any organization, the potential is much greater for the subordinate to manage his superior than for the superior to manage his subordinate.

Randall's Reminder.
The closest to perfection a person ever comes is when he fills out a job application form.

Randall's Rule of Economic Indicators.
Increased productivity occurs when the number of unemployed not working is greater than the number of employed who are not working.

Rathbun's Generalization.
Generalizations and value judgments are all bad. Rathbun's Rule: There is no harder nor more thankless taskmaster than the self-employed.

Retsof s Rush-Hour Blizzard Law.
If there is a suitable morning snowstorm, an employee will leave after the storm to go to work. Given an equivalent afternoon snowstorm, the employee will leave before the storm to go home.

Rickover's Rule.
If you have a choice of sinning against God or the bureaucracy, sin against God, because He will forgive you, and the bureaucracy will not.

Rigsbee's Principle of Management.
Your brightest, sharpest new employees are the first to leave your organization—as the cream rises to the top it will be skimmed off.

Robertson's Rules of Hierarchy.
The more directives you issue to solve a problem, the worse it gets.

Robson's Rule.
Learning always occurs after the job is finished.

Rogers's Boss Law.
There will always be beer cans rolling on the floor of your car when the boss asks for a lift home from the office.

Rules of the Office.
If it rings, put it on hold; If it clanks, call the repairman; If it whistles, ignore it; If it's a friend, take a break; If it's a boss, look busy; If it talks, take notes; If it's handwritten, type it; If it's typed, copy it; If it's copied, file it; If it's Friday, forget it!!!

Rupp's Rule.
If you demonstrate competence, it becomes part of your Job Description.

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