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Lada's Important Definitions for the Bureaucratic Environment. Committee:
A work group created with the main purpose of finding and articulating reasons why a new idea will not work, or, failing that, why adoption of the new idea will cause more anguish within the institution than the idea's benefits are worth. Policy: A written statement, ordinarily using as many words as possible, to articulate an institutional position on a subject in a manner vague enough to permit multiple contradictory interpretations. Task Force: A group organized to present the illusion of progress without the inconvenience of actually moving the institution forward.

Lang's Law of Bureaucratic Entropy.
The total amount of bureaucracy in an organization can never decrease. It can only increase—and usually does.

Lawrence's Laws
(1) Paperwork is inversely proportional to useful work. (2) In any bureaucracy, the triviality of any position can be derived by counting the number of administrative assistants.

Lee's Law of Business Competition.
Always remember to keep your swash buckled.

Levinson's Lesson
Many people have come to expect too much of work. Work is work, no matter how you slice it.

Liebman's Laws of Automotion.
(1) If you get a great parking spot, you've probably shown up on the wrong day. (2) The later you are the heavier the traffic conspiracy.

Loewe's Rules of Governance
(1) If the government hasn't taxed, licensed, or regulated it, it probably isn't worth anything. (2) The ability of the government to create money is likened to a child's desire to change the rules of a game he is losing.

Loftus's Latest Collection. John Henry's Rule:
It is a lot more fun to sing about hard work than to actually perform hard work. Loftus's Sixth Rule of Government: When it comes to government programs, no matter how noble the purpose or grand the design, implementation is everything. Loftus's Seventh Rule of Government: Government programs never go away; they only change their titles. Loftus's Observation on Meetings: Meetings that you chair are infinitely better than those that you merely attend. Loftus's Advice for the Workplace: Research has repeatedly shown that the best response to the supervisor's query "Got a minute" is "No."

Lopez's Iron Law of Corporations.
In a business, everyone is expendable, but some are more expendable than others.

Loren's Basic Principle for Bureaucratic Survival.
The appearance of a bureaucracy is infinitely more important than its function.

Lowell's Law.
You will always find the easiest, fastest, most economical way to do any project around the time you are finishing it.

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