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J's Business Maxim.
When perplexed, confused, frustrated, and all else has failed, fall back on the truth. J's Density Characteristics of Executives Rising in an Organization: Cream rises and sewage floats.

Jack Frost's Law.
If you need statistics to prove it, it probably wasn't true in the first place.

Jacobson's Law of Promotion,
1977. Just when you think you've got the promotion in the bag, some new guy will come along and marry the boss's daughter. Law of Promotion, 1997: Just when you think you've got the promotion in the bag, some new gal will come along and marry the boss's son.

Jay's Laws of Leadership.
(1) Changing things is central to leadership, and changing them before anyone else is creativeness. (2) To build something that endures, it is of the greatest importance to have a long tenure in office—to rule for many years. You can achieve a quick success in a year or two, but nearly all of the great tycoons have continued their building much longer.

Jennifer's Secretarial Law
Only when the final draft of the document has been typed up and printed will the boss remember a crucial point that must be added to the middle of it.

Jesson's Law of Office Supply Dynamics.
There is never a paper clip on the floor when you need one.

Just's Rule of Monthly Meetings.
Monthly meetings always last two hours, regardless of the number and importance of the items on the agenda. This is because if there is little to be discussed the participants will spend more time discussing each point because there is no pressure to move things along. . . . the time available ... is controlled by the same factor which limits meetings to two hours when there is much to discuss, which is that when you have reached two hours there are always a few people who are being called by nature, and usually the chairperson is one of them.

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