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Dale's Dictum.
You can't climb a mountain from inside your tent.

Dawn's Judgment.
The judgment of any group varies inversely as the square of the number of persons in the group. (If 1 person has x judgment, 2 persons will have l/4x judgment, 10 will have l/100x judgment, etc.)

The Dean-Boyd Law
Stupidity is intelligence cleverly disguised. The Beeton Contradiction to the Dean-Boyd Law. Maybe it's the other way around.

Denham's Dictum
In a given organization, job performance, whether excellent or incompetent, is overlooked providing you conform.

Dennis's Principles of Management by Crisis
(1) To get action out of management, it is necessary to create the illusion of a crisis in the hope it will be acted on. (2) Management will select actions or events and convert them to crises. It will then overreact. (3) Management is incapable of recognizing a true crisis.

Density Characteristics of Executives Rising in an Organization
Cream rises and sewage floats.

deQuoy's Observation
Some of the world's best work has been done by people who didn't feel very well that day.

DeViney's Axiom.
You should always try to become boss, because otherwise they'll give it to some other dumbbell.

Dinshaw's Law
It is the incontrovertible right of the loser to prove that the winner's strategy was stupid.

Dobson's Dilemma.
(1) Following the rules won't get the job done. (2) Getting the job done is no excuse for not following the rules.

Douskey's Rule Concerning the Odds of Capitalizing on Previous Success
Sequels never equal.

Driscoll's Discovery.
The higher one is in a hierarchy the more befuddled one becomes when one attempts to operate the photocopy machine.

Dukes's Law
The most powerful words in marketing are "Watch this!"

Dull's Advice.
If you can use it, pull it.

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