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We've all heard of the original "Murphy's Law" - If something can go wrong it will - but it's been discovered that there are in fact hundreds of other such maxims and truisms about our jobs in the office and workplace.

Ever wondered why all managers seem to stick to certain behavorial patterns? How meetings always seem to follow a set format? It's because there are these laws and rules that govern us all.

For example -

Gilbert's Observation.
The surest sign of a crisis is that when you have a major problem, no one tries to tell you how to do your job.


Randall's Reminder.
The closest to perfection a person ever comes is when he fills out a job application form.


Caffyn's Law of "According to."
The rosier the news, the higher-ranking the official who announces it.

These discovered rules, observations and maxims have all been collected here in alphabetical order... click on the alphabetical links below and prepare to say to your work colleague - "That is so true!!"

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