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Ways to waste time by writing something...

Write a letter of protest about some local urban development to the relevant government officials
Write a letter to a famous person gXminute who is dead
Write a letter to a friend
Write a letter to Santa Claus
Write a letter to the Prime Minister of Britain
Write a limerick.
Write a poem
Write a rude note to your bank
Write down all the people that you really care about
Write down ten reasons why you belong to your religion (if you are religious)
Write graffiti on toilet walls.
Write lyrics to Ravel's Bolero
Write out your favorite poem as small as you can
Write the first paragraph of a comedy or tragedy for the theater.
Write the year in Roman numerals
Write to the author of this book
Write words in the mist formed by your breath on a cold window or mirror
Write your autobiography in brief
Write your date of birth in Roman numerals
Write your epitaph
Write your name and address in mirror writing
Write your name on your office cup
Write your obituary

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