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Ways to waste time by thinking...

Think about cleaning your children's bedrooms
Think about how big this dinosaur's toes might have been after seeing its thigh bone
Think about how humans evolved
Think about how lonely astronauts must feel up in space
Think about looking down from a great height.
Think about sex
Think about your favorite type of tree.
Think back to when you last mowed a lawn
Think how long it would take you to draw the Bayeux Tapestry
Think of a caption for the two pictures below
Think of a comic you read as a child
Think of a different thing you could do during your lunch breakfor the next two weeks
Think of a famous person you would like to draw or interview
Think of a job you would not like to do
Think of a new route to get to work
Think of a new use for a strange tool.
Think of a news story for an employee newsletter
Think of a spot in the countryside you have longed to visit
Think of all the things you can sell that you don't really need
Think of an animal for each letter of the alphabet
Think of five people you would give a medal for bravery
Think of how you would fire someone if you were the boss
Think of something you would prefer to be doing now
Think of ten easy ways to climb the stairs to work in a suit of armor
Think of ten excuses you could have used to stay in bed this morning
Think of ten reasons why you should get married
Think of ten reasons why you should not get married
Think of ten ways to cure a hangover.
Think of ten ways to get away with murder
Think of ten ways to get into a castie unnoticed
Think of the day you got married
Think of the ten most beautiful women in the world.
Think of the ten most handsome men in the world.
Think of uses for every room in your own castle
Think of your favorite soccer goal and imagine yourself as the goalkeeper
Think up an advertisement using a toucan
Think up the most unlikely business trip
Think what graffiti you would write on the toilet walls
Think what would be your favorite sight from the crow's nest of a ship
Think what you could do with three extra fingers.
Think what you will bring back as presents for friends and relatives from your next vacation
Think what you would do if you inherited a mansion
Think what you would do if you lost yourjob
Think what you would do with three wishes from your very own genie
Think where you would like to be buried when you die
Think who you would take away with you for a dream weekend

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