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Ways to waste time by practising something...

Practice balancing a dime on its edge
Practice bandaging your finger
Practice belching
Practice blinking with one eye and then the other
Practice blowing smoke rings
Practice body-building in a mirror
Practice different handwriting styles
Practice drawing perfect circles without a compass
Practice drinking from a cup while lying down
Practice farting
Practice folding your suit jacket for your next business trip
Practice forging your boss's signature
Practice hand shadow art
Practice insulting hand gestures
Practice juggling
Practice levitating.
Practice magic card tricks
Practice making paper cutouts
Practice making strange faces in the mirror
Practice rubbing your tummy and rubbing your head at the same time
Practice signing someone else's signature
Practice telepathy with your workmates
Practice the Mona Lisa smile
Practice the skill of clicking your fingers
Practice throwing crumpled up pieces of paper into the wastepaper basket
Practice touching your chin with your tongue
Practice touching your nose with your tongue
Practice walking on one leg.
Practice writing a letter without looking at the paper.
Practice writing your name with the hand you don't usually write with
Practice writing your signature left-handed
Practice your swimming skills by lying across a stool

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