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Ways to waste time by playing something...

Play a card trick on a friend
Play a game of gin rummy
Play a tune on a cup with a spoon
Play a tune on a rubber band
Play a tune on your teeth
Play a tune on your teeth with a pencil or ballpoint pen.
Play a tune with your tongue (make galloping sounds)
Play an imaginary harmonica.
Play cards with a colleague
Play cards with a group of workmates.
Play music to your plants.
Play solitaire
Play solitaire . . . and cheat
Play with a hole in your teeth with your tongue
Play with the candy wrapper while you eat the candy
Play with the keys or money in your pocket
Play with the things on your desk
Play with worry beads
Play with your watch strap
Play your boss at checkers.
Play yourself at chess -and cheat
Play yourself at tick-tack-toe
Play yourself at tick-tack-toe.

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