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Ways to waste time in the office...

Approach someone at work you don't know and say hello
Argue with a colleague about who is the best football quarterback ever
Arm wrestle with a colleague.
Ask colleagues to show you photos of their last vacation
Balance on one leg of your chair
Ask your boss for new office furniture.
Borrow a pen from someone in another office
Challenge a colleague to a plant-growing race see who can grow the tallest plant in three months
Challenge the office assistant to a game of marbles
Chat to a workmate about the book you are reading
Copy out your list of "tasks to do" again in a neat form
Create a new cocktail for the office Christmas party
Cry to get sympathy from a friend or your boss.
Dance around the office with a colleague
Describe to a colleague how you would explain to a child how a baby is made
Distort a picture of you or a friend on the company photocopier
Fall asleep at your desk
Fill in your office calendar with things you would like to be doing
Fill out the personal notes page of your office calendar
Get everyone in the office to swap desks to confuse your boss
Go visit your friends in the company and chat
Hire a fancy-dress outfit at lunch break and wear it all afternoon.
Imagine what you would be like as your boss's boss.
Inform a colleague about the difference between a zubra and a zebra
Laugh at old photographs of yourself and colleagues.
Laugh at your boss's latest demands
Lean back in your chair and look at the ceiling
Listen in on a private conversation
Look through last year's staff party photographs
Look to see if anything has fallen behind the radiators
March around the office like a Roman soldier
Peep through a keyhole at an office meeting.
Phone up someone in the company you do not know and say hello
Rearrange the office on paper
Rearrange the workspace
Refill your fountain pen
Refill your staple gun
Remove the chewing gum from underneath chairs and tables
Ring your own phone number to check that your phone is working
Run around the office as though someone were chasing you.
Run naked around the office.
Say "Oh, dear me" repeatedly
See how far down a chair you can slide before you fall to the ground
See how many different positions you can get your desk lamp togo in
See how many different writing implements you can find
See how many times you can fold up a piece of paper
Set a clockwork mouse off around the office.
Show colleagues cartoons of your boss.
Sketch your workmates when they are not looking
Sort out the rubber bands in the stationery drawer
Sort out used ballpoint pens
String together rubber bands
Talk to a colleague about your favorite schoolteachers
Talk to the office plants
Throw things at people from your office window (then hide)
Tidy your office drawers
Tidy your work area
Type an anonymous letter to someone and send it through inter-office mail
Type your curriculum vitae
Untangle the cords on your blinds
Untangle the telephone cord
Wink at someone across the room.

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