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Ways to waste time by making something...

Make a machine for blowing smoke rings.
Make a mask out of a piece of card or paper
Make a musical instrument from a paper and comb
Make a musical instrument out of drinking straws
Make a paper airplane
Make a paper box
Make a paper chain
Make a paper hat from office stationery
Make a paperclip chain
Make a parcel of unwanted objects and send it to someone in a different department
Make a rubbing of a coin
Make a shopping list for next Christmas
Make faces at the goldfish
Make facial expressions in a mirror
Make funny faces at the person nearest you
Make ink blots and move them aroundto form shapes
Make labels for all the office drawers
Make patterns with paperclips
Make rude gestures to passersby.
Make rude hand gestures
Make shadow images with your hands
Make silhouette cutouts of your workmates
Make silly noises
Make sure that the birthdays of all your family and friends are listed in your office calendar
Make ten words from your name using each letter just once
Make up a joke
Make up a nonsense conversation to have with a friend
Make up anagrams for different countries
Make up some Chinese-style writing and invent what it says
Make your desk untidy then make it tidy again
Make your own crossword puzzle

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