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Ways to waste time by inventing something...

Invent a conversation between Napoleon and Hitler.
Invent a conversation with a drunk parrot
Invent a correspondence with someone famous
Invent a day in the life of a small dinosaur
Invent a mechanical contraption to make the tea or coffee
Invent a motto
Invent a new animal using the characteristics of three existing ones
Invent a new identity for yourself
Invent a secret alphabet and write messages in it.
Invent a wonderful fancy costume
Invent an office golf obstacle course
Invent an unusual fancy-dress costume
Invent characters for a novel
Invent families for these people
Invent imaginary creatures.Imagine coming to work by elephant.
Invent new items for a later edition of this book
Invent new monsters and creatures on paper and give them colleagues' names
Invent personalities for each of the people in this picture
Invent signals that you can send across a field.
Invent ten new "Old Testament* commandments
Invent ten reasons why you would give people medals
Invent the conversation you might have if you met with an alien
Invent the worst opening sentence of a novel
Invent ways of disposing of a body.
Invent Winston Churchill's next line

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