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Ways to waste time by imagining something...

Imagine a conversation in which your bank manager asks for your help
Imagine a day in the life of a coach horse in nineteenth-century England
Imagine a discussion with a drunk
Imagine an unlikely place to meet a friend
Imagine an X-ray of your hand
Imagine arriving for work in the U.S. President's car.
Imagine being a character in a novel.
Imagine being a slave asleep on a slave ship
Imagine being Adam and what you would have done on meeting Eve
Imagine being bandaged alive and put in a mummy's coffin
Imagine being eaten alive
Imagine being Eve and what you would have done on meeting Adam
Imagine being taken away by a superhero
Imagine being taken away by King Kong
Imagine being thin.
Imagine being very poor
Imagine being very rich.
Imagine colleagues' reactions if you came to work dressed differently
Imagine coming to work in a tank
Imagine coming to work on your own one-wheeled invention
Imagine confronting an opponent riding an elephant on the battlefield
Imagine doing a different job
Imagine for what reason you would want to blow up the government offices.
Imagine Ginger Rogers inviting you to dance and waltz around the room
Imagine having a conversation with Jesus
Imagine having a howler monkey for a pet
Imagine having a life as short as that of a butterfly
Imagine having tea in China
Imagine having to fight for your country hundreds of years ago.
Imagine having to fight in WWI
Imagine having to fight in WWIII
Imagine having to go out and kill your lunch before you can cook and eat it
Imagine having to migrate to reach a breeding ground.
Imagine having your boss just where you want
Imagine how cold it must be to wear a kilt in winter.
Imagine how cold it would be living in an igloo
Imagine how long it would take to get to work on a horse
Imagine how long it would take to write your own biography
Imagine how sorry everyone will be when you are dead
Imagine how to cope with being a werewolf.
Imagine how you would escape from being tied up.
Imagine how you would interview your boss for your job.
Imagine how you would look after being told you have got a raise
Imagine how you would look after being told your raise doubles your salary!
Imagine how you would pick a fight with your friends
Imagine life if you were as small as a cat
Imagine making a living by loaning people money
Imagine playing solitaire in a prison for thirteen years
Imagine pressing hot kisses onto the one you love.
Imagine reading a diary of several past generations written by your great-grandmother.
Imagine riding home through traffic on a penny-farthing
Imagine Robert Redford and Marilyn Monroe making love together
Imagine standing next to the tallest tree in the world.
Imagine ten things you might buy on vacation
Imagine the colors of fairies' wings.
Imagine the weight of an elephant's suit of armor
Imagine the worst thing that could happen to you
Imagine two whales making love in the ocean.
Imagine utter despair
Imagine wearing a fifth-century metal helmet all day
Imagine what child care is like for male seahorses.
Imagine what excuses you would make if caught in an embarrassing position
Imagine what is "going on' next door
Imagine what it is like in Heaven
Imagine what it is like in Hell
Imagine what it is like to have an operation without anesthetic.
Imagine what it would be like inside an iron maiden
Imagine what it would be like to be a fish in the sea
Imagine what people will be reading about in a year's time
Imagine what style of beard you prefer
Imagine what you will do between now and your retirement
Imagine what you will do when you retire

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