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Ways to waste time by figuring out something...

Figure out how to catch the animals that escaped from the zoo
Figure out how to make, a -D icosahedron from paper
Figure out how to use color in a map with the minimum number of colors so that no two adjacent areas are the same color
Figure out how you would teach a bear to dance
Figure out if you can climb through a playing card
Figure out the height of your office building
Figure out the largest single sum of money you ever earned.
Figure out the largest single sum of money you ever paid anyone.
Figure out the middle letter of the alphabet.
Figure out the plot for a novel
Figure out what you would do locked in the bathroom without toilet paper
Figure out what your enemies think of you.
Figure out what your friends think of you
Figure out who is the shortest person in the office
Figure out who is the tallest in your office
Figure the relationship between extraterrestrial forces, metaphysical forces, paranormal forces, and the orders of spiritual levels in Heaven and Hell.

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