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Ways to waste time by drawing something...

Draw a cartoon of a close friend
Draw a cyclops step-by-step.
Draw a funny picture of your family
Draw a map of Europe from memory
Draw a map of your town.
Draw a Ouija board and try to contact the original chairperson of your company
Draw a totem pole using the faces of colleagues and friends.
Draw boxes and triangles in the margins of books
Draw cartoons.
Draw circles by tracing around the base of a bottle or cup
Draw daisies in the margins of paper or a book
Draw different types of lips and match them to workmates
Draw faces on balloons
Draw Frankenstein's monster
Draw glasses on faces in today's newspaper
Draw lines across the contours of faces in magazines
Draw mustaches onto photos in magazines
Draw out your family tree
Draw spectacles on photographs in newspapers
Draw twenty circles on a sheet of paper and draw a different face in each one
Draw up a two-month calendar and add special events
Draw your favorite flower
Draw your own profile.

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