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You Need A Tie

Mancovits was a salesman. One day when he was driving across the Negev desert he came upon an Arab lying in the sand breathing his last. A compassionate man, he rushed to the poor man's side and took him in his arms. The Arab gasped:

"Water, effendi. Water."

"Are you in luck! Do you know that in my sample case I have the finest range of men's neckties this side of the King David Hotel. Normally $25 each—to you, only $21.50."

"Water, effendi. Water."

"You seem like a nice person. I'll tell you what. You can have any two ties in the range—polyester, silk, crepe—any two ties for only $35."

"Water, effendi. Water."

"You drive a hard bargain. Look. I'll let you have any tie you like—your pick—for $14.50. It's my rock bottom price."

"Water, effendi. Water."

"Oh! Water is it you want? Why didn't you say so. All you have to do is crawl to that sand dune over there, drop a right, and in five hundred metres you'll come to Poopie's Pyramid Club. He'll give you all the water you want."

With his last remaining strength the Arab dragged himself to the sand dune, turned right and crawled on his elbows to the club.

Poopie was standing in the doorway. The Arab gasped:

"Water, effendi. Water."

"Ah, water is it you want eh? I got all kinds of water — ice water, soda water, mineral water, seltzer water —all kinds of water, on the inside. Only thing is, you can't come in without a tie."

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