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Which Gives The Better Ride

Dave was down in the city. Business had been pretty good and he was shopping around for a new car. Dave didn't know very much about cars, but he was convinced that a good car should be well equipped with shock absorbers. He went into the Jaguar showroom and had a discussion with the salesman.

"It seems like a pretty good car, as you say, but how many shock absorbers has it got?"


"Only two? The Mercedes has got four."

"Perhaps so, but there is really no comparison between the two."

"I'd like to buy your car, really I would. But I can't see myself buying a car that's only got two shock absorbers."

Seeing that he was about to lose a sale, the salesman tried another tack.

"Let me put it to you this way. How many tits has a cow got?"

"Four," said Dave.

"Right. And how many tits has Bo Derek got?"


"Right. Now I ask you. Which gives you the better ride?"

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