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Unknown Father

Anxious to be on time for his date, Carl stopped at the chemist's for a hasty purchase. The chemist gave him a knowing smile, and he told the chemist about a lovely chick he met at a party. He was going to spend the evening with her, and her parents would be out at the opera.

When he got to her house, she and her mother were waiting for her father to return from work.

When her father walked in, she introduced both parents to Carl, and Carl said, 'Say, why don't Nancy and I join you this evening?'

'You children don't want to spend your evening with us old folks,' said Nancy's mother.

'Sure we do,' said Carl.

'I didn't know you liked opera,' the bewildered Nancy said to her date, as he was helping her on with her coat.

'No, and I didn't know your father was a chemist either," he said.

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