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Uncontrolable Trunk

A rep was involved in a nasty accident and had his penis cut off. As soon as he was well enough he went to his doctor to see if he could get some kind of replacement.

"Don't have any spares available at the moment, otherwise I could do a transplant for you."

"But doctor, you must have something."

"The only thing I've got that might do is a baby elephant's trunk."

"I'll take it. I've got to have something. Put it on."

The operation was successfully performed and several weeks later the rep took his wife to a garden party at the vicarage. They did not stay the whole afternoon, but at her insistence, left very early. As soon as they were out of earshot of the other guests she started:

"I was never so uncomfortable as when that thing kept coming up from under the table and taking the buns off the plate."

"You were uncomfortable? You don't know what it was doing with them!"

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