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Tooth Brushes

A man won a major prize in a lottery and invested his winnings in a plastics factory making toothbrushes. For several months they kept making toothbrushes and stock-piling them in a warehouse.

When his money was beginning to run low he realised that he needed to sell his toothbrushes, so he advertised for a sales representative. The only applicant was a scruffy individual who had been working on a garbage truck, but who badly wanted a chance to break into sales. Since he was the only applicant, the employer decided to give him a chance.

"I'll give you $50 petty cash to start you off."

"What's petty cash?"

"That's in case you have to buy anything, or buy a drink for someone."

"Can you give me any clues how to go about it? It's all new to me."

"Well, you want to go where there are plenty of people. And it'll help if you can think up some kind of gimmick."

At the end of his first week the new rep came in to report.

"How many toothbrushes did you sell?"

"Seven thousand, six hundred and sixty-two."

"That's very good. How did you go about it?"

"I did what you said and went where there were plenty of people. I went to the biggest railway station in town. I used the $50 you gave me to buy a card table and a couple of big basins. I set up the card table with one basin full of potato crisps, and the other one full of dip. Then I kept yelling out, 'Free dip! Free dip!' Then a guy would come up and grab a crisp, dip it in the dip, and stuff it in his mouth. Then he'd choke and say, This tastes like shit.' I'd say, 'It is. Wanna buy a toothbrush?"

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