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Three Legged Chicken

A produce salesman on his way to a farm is driving at nearly eighty kilometres per hour when out of nowhere comes a three-legged chicken that overtakes him and leaves him standing. The strange creature disappears over the hill. He is still shaken by the episode when he gets to the farm. He says to the farmer:

"The damnedest thing happened when I was on my way here. I'm doing nearly eighty and suddenly this three' legged chicken just shoots past. What's the story on this?"

"That's our three-legged chicken. We raised it."

"What did you want to raise a three-legged chicken for?"

"Well there's Mum and me and young Wilbur see? And whenever we had a chicken dinner we'd all want a drumstick. We used to kill two chickens, which was a waste, and there was a lot left over. So we started breeding three-legged chickens so each of us would get a drumstick." "What do they taste like?"

"Dunno. We haven't been able to catch one yet."

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