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The Italian Shoes

The new salesman was back from his first country trip, and presented his "swindle sheet" to the sales manager, who went through it carefully.

"Let's see now. Petrol—that's okay. Accommodation — that's okay. Postage—yes. Entertainment—that could have been higher. Stationery—yes. What's this? One pair of handmade Italian shoes—$125. Is this some kind of joke?"

"No. I wore out a pair of shoes walking round my territory, and I bought a new pair."

"Did you. Well, you don't put them on your expense account. You buy your own Italian shoes. That's what we pay you a good salary for."

He crossed out the offending item, and reduced the total accordingly. Then he initialled the document and handed it back to the salesman.

"There. Give that to the accountant."

Two weeks later, after another country tour, the salesman again presented his "swindle sheet" to the sales manager, who again went through it carefully.

"Petrol —yes. Accommodation —yes. Meals —yes. Entertainment—yes. Stationery—yes. Postage—yes. That's okay. I'm glad to see there are no Italian shoes here this time."

He signed the paper and handed it to the salesman, who said:

"Oh, they're there. But just you find them."

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