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The Innocent One

A sales rep came home to his apartment unexpectedly in the middle of the day. As he let himself in he heard giggling and scuffling. Once inside he demanded of his wife:

"Who have you got here in the apartment with you?"

"Nobody. I'm on my own."

"I don't believe you. I'll look for myself."

He searched the apartment without finding anyone and then happened to look over the balcony. They were on the fifth floor. Below him he saw a man climbing from the fourth to the third floor.

"There he is, the bastard."

In a fit of rage he grabbed the refrigerator and threw it over the balcony onto the figure below, who was killed at once.

In a fit of jealousy his wife promptly stabbed him to death with a carving knife.

Presently, there appeared at the Pearly Gates three men. St Peter asked the first:

"What's your story?"

The jealous husband related the events leading up to his death.

"I see," said St Peter. "And what about you?"

"I was cleaning the windows of this apartment building. As I was climbing from the fourth floor down to the third, I was hit by a refrigerator."

"Sorry about that," said the salesman.

St Peter turned to the third man.

"And what brings you here?"

"I'm really not sure. There I was just sitting inside this refrigerator . . ."

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