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The Chits

Goldy was in the knitwear business. He had a tidy little factory in New York, and turned out a product that was up near the top of the range. Sales were good locally, but he had excess capacity and decided to take up the slack by getting some orders out of the West Coast. He sent his rep Maurie down for two weeks to see what he could sign up. Maurie was only gone five days when Goldy got a phone call from the accountant at the San Francisco Hilton.

"We've had one of your men staying with us—Maurice Leberman—since last Monday. We're a little concerned at the amount of his account and would like you to confirm that it's okay."

"How much is involved?"

"Well, so far the total for accommodation, meals, liquor and special services is $4,792."

"But that's not possible."

"I've got the chits."

"You've got the chits! What do you think I've got?"

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