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Even if he is not required to use a "canned" sales story, every salesman who sells the same product over and over develops a patter of his own that is practically the same every time he takes a customer through it. The representatives of Grabbem & Shaggem were no exception. Indeed their range of products, and product types, was so great that a prepared story was the only way a salesman could cope. This had unexpected results when one salesman's mind wandered. He slipped a cog in his sales story and went off into the patter for an entirely different product.

They were doing a drive on Fluff wool shampoo with the grocers, while at the same time introducing Intimee vaginal deodorant pads to the chemists. With the latter it was often necessary to not only sell the friendly chemist, but also teach his girls how to sell the product to their customers.

The rep started by telling the girls about the desirability of using Intimee pads, which were entirely safe, and not only eliminated vaginal odour, but were perfumed with rose water as well. He then went on to explain that extensive research had produced a product that strengthened the natural fibres and through the action of ultraviolet light, gave them a colour that was better than the original. Matting and felting were reduced to a minimum and there was absolutely no shrinkage in the final product.

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