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Sacred Water

Two religious sisters were driving together through the country at the end of the school vacation. Their car slowed to a halt, and they realised that they were out of petrol. They decided that one would stay with the car, while the other walked to the nearest station property to buy some petrol. When she got there, the owner had plenty of petrol, and was quite happy to give her a few litres, but he had nothing to put it in. Then she spied an old chamber pot lying in a corner. She asked:

"How about that?"

The unlikely vessel was cleaned up and filled, and the sister made her way back to the car, carrying the chamber pot in both hands. They took off the cap of the petrol tank, and were pouring the petrol in very carefully without a funnel, when a passing salesman stopped and gaped at them in amazement.

"Sister, I've heard about turning water into wine, but this is ridiculous."

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