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A salesman was spending the night with an old farmer and his attractive young wife. The farmer told him:

"There's only one big old double bed, so you'll have to sleep with us. It'll be all right though. I'll sleep in the middle."

At the evening meal the salesman discovered that the farmer's wife was not only very attractive, but also an excellent cook. To top off a splendid meal she brought out a tray of freshly baked scones. The rep tried one and it was delicious. He was reaching forward for another when the farmer held his arm.

"Not now, son," he said. "Let's save them till the morning."

After a quiet evening around the radio the three headed for bed. The two men changed in the bathroom, while the young wife got ready in the bedroom. She was already in bed when the men came in. The farmer slept in the middle. The salesman soon got comfortable and after a time the trio went off to sleep.

In the early hours they were all woken up by a loud commotion in the yard behind the house. The farmer bounded out of bed.

"That damned fox," he exclaimed. "He's after my chickens again."

Seizing a loaded shotgun, he disappeared through the door into the night. His young wife rolled over and shook the salesman's arm.

"Are you awake?" she asked.


"He'll be gone for ages. Now's your chance. Slip out to the kitchen and get yourself a couple more scones."

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