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Two salesmen travelling together sought a night's accommodation at a farm. The farmer was an attractive widow who made them most welcome, and gave them an excellent dinner. When it was time for bed she said:

"You're both decent, respectable-looking men. Why don't you toss up? The loser sleeps in the spare room; the winner comes in with me."

Jack won the toss and had a really marvellous night.

After breakfast next morning they set off again. They drove several kilometres in silence and then Bill asked:

"How'd it go?"

"Really great. But this morning she got a bit worried and wanted my name and address. Well, you know what my wife's like. I gave her yours."

There was a bitter argument about this, and their friendship broke up completely. Then, about nine months later, Bill looked Jack up.

"You remember that widow? Well, I've just had a solicitor's letter . . ."

"I'm sorry I let you down, Bill, but what could I do?"

"As I was saying, I've had a solicitor's letter. The dear lady's passed away and left me the farm."

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