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Just after World War II, when many servicemen were being demobilised, a number of businesses had a policy that ex-servicemen were to receive preference in all job hiring situations. A group of women, who were former employees of a department store, felt that their livelihood was threatened. They set out to prove that the men could not do their jobs as well as women could. Their attempts were unsuccessful, even when one of their group had a male shop assistant fit her with a girdle. The leader of the group felt that it was time for her to take action herself. She went to the haberdashery counter. There was a man serving. She fixed him with a steely eye.

"I want some one inch elastic please."

"Certainly, madam. What length?"

"About from your navel to your knackers."

"Certainly, madam."

He began measuring off dozens of yards of elastic. The woman stopped him.

"Young man. Do you know where your knackers are?"

"Sure do, lady. Shaggy Ridge."

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