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The handsome young man walked over to the beautiful girl sitting at the end of the bar.

'You must forgive my rudeness, but you're so beautiful I had to speak to you,' he said. 'I've never gazed upon such beauty before. I want to lay Manhattan at your feet, buy you jewels, exotic perfumes, and a thousand other wondrous things. If you bid me welcome, we will fly this very night to Paris, then on to Venice, Rome, India, and finally Egypt for a trip down the Nile.'

She was utterly taken with this handsome stranger, and could only manage a breathless 'Yes.'

'Then go prepare yourself, my Juliet, my Venus, my Helen of Troy. When you are ready, call me at the number of this card. My Rolls Royce will come for you and take you to my plane."

'Is this your private number at your town house or country estate?' she asked.

'Well,' he said, 'it's actually the delicatessen downstairs, but they'll call me."

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