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Corone's Hotel is very popular with sales reps because of its excellent cooking. It is a charming old world hotel, built around three sides of a square. It is more elaborately constructed than your average country hotel, but in the same general style of architecture.

Two of the boys, Claude and Cecil, booked into Corone's together late one afternoon. After dinner they went for a walk around the town, and arrived back at their hotel around eleven. No one had thought to tell them that the hotel was locked up at 10.30. After trying all the doors, the two walked round the back and into the open square courtyard. Claude pointed to the first floor verandah.

"There's our room. Up there. All we need now is a ladder."

A ladder was found and leant up against the verandah rail. The two began their ascent. Then Cecil said:

"Oh, Claude. I feel like a fireman."

"Don't be ridiculous, Cecil. Where are we going to get a fireman at this hour of the night?"

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