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I can't Mind Read

A newsagent in a little shop near a railway station was really cross when a stationery salesman called. He said that one customer after another came to him to buy cigarettes, and nearly always the conversation would go like this:

"A packet of cigarettes, please."

"What brand?"

"Oh, Hallmark of course."

"Large or small?"

"Oh, large of course."

"Plain or filter?"

"Oh, filter of course."

Only then could he sell the customer his cigarettes.

"Why can't they just ask for a large packet of Hallmark filters? What am I supposed to be? A mind reader?"

"Yeah. How are you off for exercise books?"

"Do with a couple of packets."

"Feint ruled or special ruling?"

"Oh, feint ruled of course."

"Stapled or quarter bound?"

"Oh, stapled of course."

"48s, 64s, 80s, or 120s?"

"Oh, 64s of course."

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