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Hot Salesman

He was a really hot sports car salesman, and he came to a farm where the whole yard was full of cars. Not derelicts. New cars. He could hardly believe it. Surely here was a man who couldn't resist a good story and a good product.

The farmer proved to be a very old man, while his wife was young and lovely. The old man was just not interested in buying another car. But he said to the salesman:

"I'm a sporting man. I'll make a bet with you. If you win I'll buy two of your cars. But if you lose, you give me that fancy sports car for nothing. Now I'll bet you I can do three things, and that you can't repeat all three of them."

The salesman thought about this. He loved a bet himself. Besides, he couldn't imagine this decrepit old wreck being able to do anything he couldn't do.

"You're on."

The farmer put his arms round his wife and gave her a long lingering kiss. Then he turned to the salesman and said:

"That's the first thing."

This was too good to be true. The salesman took the farmer's wife in his arms and gave her a kiss that Hollywood would have been proud of.

Next the farmer slipped his hand inside his wife's blouse until he cupped her breast. He stroked it and caressed it and fondled it.

"I must be dreaming all this," thought the salesman as he repeated the farmer's actions, and loved every minute of it.

Finally the old man pulled out his penis and wrapped it three times round a pencil.

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