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There was a young lad named Terry working the petrol pumps at Eastgate Motors where most of the reps got their petrol. He was really keen on cars. He studied every different make and model that came in for petrol. He was really thrilled one afternoon when a customer drove in in a Cadillac. It was the first he had seen. After he'd filled it up he quizzed the owner about all the gadgets. "What's that long black thing on the dashboard?"

"That's an automatic sensor that detects the headlights of an oncoming car, and dips the lights for you."

"And what about those controls over there?"

"That's the cruise control. You can set that for any speed and it keeps the car going at just that speed automatically." Next it was the radar detector. Then Terry noticed a couple of golf tees lying on the top of the dashboard.

"What are those things for?"

"Those are what I rest my balls on when I drive."

"Gosh!" said Terry. "The Cadillac people really think of everything don't they?"

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