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Don't Know The Way

A sales rep working a new territory became hopelessly lost looking for a small town. He decided to ask for directions from a farmer. He stopped at the gate, got out of his car, opened the gate, got into his car and drove through. Then he stopped the car again, got out, closed the gate, and climbed back into his car again.

He drove up the long straight track to the yard outside the farmhouse, where the barking of the dogs soon brought the farmer out.

"What seems to be the trouble?"

"I'm trying to get through to Longfield and I've lost my way. Can you give me directions?"

"No. I don't think I can. I don't know the way myself."

The rep thanked the farmer anyway and turned his car around. He drove down the track to the gate and stopped his car. He got out, opened the gate, got in and drove through. He stopped the car again and got out. Just as he was closing the gate he heard a yell from the farmhouse. The farmer was beckoning him.

He opened the gate and went through the whole procedure again. Turn the car. Drive through the gate. Get out and shut the gate. Get in and drive back up to the farmhouse. The farmer was waiting for him.

"I thought I'd tell you. I asked the wife and she doesn't know the way to Longfield either."

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