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Brother In Law In High Places

Sandy the rep was a hard case. Faced with an operation he chose to go to a big Catholic hospital because it was the cheapest. Before he went into surgery he was visited by a religious sister who asked him questions like his name, address, place of work, age and so on. When she came to next-of-kin he was not very helpful.

"You mean there's no one at all we can put down as your closest relative?" "Well, there's my sister. But she'd be no good. She's only a nun."

His visitor's hackles started to rise. "What do you mean 'only a nun'? I'll have you know that she is married to the Son of God." "Well, in that case, send the bill to my brother-in-law."

Three salesmen were lined up at the reception desk of a hotel when one of them had an idea. He said to the other two:

"Listen. Instead of getting three single rooms, why don't we just get the one room with three beds and share? Then we can save a few quid on our accommodation. The publican'll give us separate receipts for the full amount, won't you?"

The publican nodded a bit doubtfully. The other two reps fell in with the idea, and they were soon given the key to room seven on the first floor.

After they had gone upstairs, the publican thought this over, and then called his son.

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