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Basic Price Plus

Everyone has seen the signs on cars in dealers' showrooms which advertise a basic price. On enquiry there are always a number of extras that have to be added on. Farmer Wilson had this experience when he bought his new car, so he was delighted when Honest Henry the dealer came to him to buy a cow.

Honest Henry inspected the herd closely and picked out a beast. Wilson told him:

"That there's a hundred dollar cow."

"Sounds okay," said Honest Henry reaching for his wallet. "I'll take her."

"Of course that's just the basic price," went on Wilson. "There are some extras." He did some calculations on a piece of paper and handed the result to his customer:

Basic cow 100
Two tone exterior 35
Additional stomach 85
Storage compartment & dispensing device 70
Four spigots @ $10 40
Real cowhide upholstery 65
Dual horns @ $10 20
Automatic fly swatter 30
TOTAL $445

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