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Attack Of Winking

The proprietor of a long-established firm of wholesalers was interviewing an applicant for a position as sales representative. The candidate had the right experience, good references, was well spoken and turned out. He would have been ideal for the position except that he had a disconcerting mannerism. While he talked he kept winking. The employer decided to be frank with him.

"Look here. I'd like to give you this job. You're well dressed, well spoken, you've got good references and the sort of experience we're looking for. The only trouble is this trick you've got of winking all the time while you talk. I'm afraid it might put our customers off."

"No worries," the candidate replied. "All I've got to do to get rid of it is take a couple of aspirins. You watch. I've got some here somewhere."

So saying he began emptying his pockets onto the desk. The employer was startled to see dozens of packets of condoms piling up—multi-coloured ones, ribbed ones, heavy-duty varieties, and every known brand of standard condom.

"Here we are," said the rep. He swallowed two aspirins and his winking stopped at once. "Look at that."

"That's all very well. You've solved the problem of your winking, but look at all this stuff here. This is a very conservative business. We couldn't hire a man who was going to be womanising all over his territory."

"Oh, I wouldn't dream of it. I'm a happily married man."

"Then how do you account for all these things?"

"Simple. Did you ever go into a chemist, winking all the time, and ask for a packet of aspirins?"

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