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A Lot Of Soap Never Object
A Pomeranian Newly Pregnant
A Saleman's Yarns Nice Pig
A Stranger No Ballroom
Air Sickness No Growth
All I Want Is A Beer Non Converted
An Economist Not A Doctor
Annual Vacation Not Expected
Attack Of Winking Not Much
Australians Giving Directions Not That Good
Basic Price Plus Not The Office Party
Beaten By Wife Not Working
Best To Shoot Once Nothing Can Go Wrong
Blind Cow Nows Your Chance
Boosting Figures On My Time
Bribery Over Matched
Brother In Law In High Places Patience
Business Partner Perfect Gentlemen
Call Of Help Phallic Symbol
Can I Help ? Philosophical Percy
Can't Afford The Rates Picked Up The Money Dad Left
Can't Get A Lei Portrait
Caught Pot Shot
Charity Pretend We're Married
Charity Begins At Home Pulled Zip
Cheating On Us Put A Stop To Snoring
Church Example Queersville
Competition Quick Counting
Could Have Been Worse Rabbit
Discouraged Rape
Do You Speak English Remembered
Doctors Medicine Rent In Advance
Dogs Don't Like It Repossessed
Don't Get It River Crossing
Don't Know The Way Road To Summerville
Dreamt Sacred Water
Drink Me Sales Story
Drunk Selling To Ones Self
Everything You Need Silver Tongued
Expectant Mothers Simpleton
Extraordinary Men Sky Agency
Fantastic Slept Together
Farm Better And Make More Money Snapped
Fatherly Advice Something Solid
Flies Summer Vacation
Four Years Later Talking Horse
Getting Acquainted The Bible Says
Give It Up The Blonde Bimbo
Go And Get... The Chits
Gobble Bird The Date
Going Crazy The Innocent One
Good Impression The Italian Shoes
Great Catch The Jack
Greatest Invention The Long Train Journey
Gullable The Report
Helping Out The Threat Of Father
Highest Sale There To Be Used
Hot Salesman Things In Common
Hows Business ? Thinking On Your Feet
I Can Do Anything With These Three In A Bed
I can't Mind Read Three Legged Chicken
I Feel Like Too Much
I Give Up Tooth Brushes
I Got Mine That Way Trade Work
I Had To Get Up Anyway Traffic Jack
I Know Treatment
I Need My Drink Trying Out The Shoes
I Want Out Trying To Impress
I'm Not Stupid Two mothers talking
Immoral Unbelieveable
Impressed Uncontrolable Trunk
In Lieu Of Payment Underwear Robbed
Ink Blots Unknown Father
Intentions What A Life
Its Mine What A Mug
Killing Me Softly What Kind Of Salts ?
Knackers What Position
Knealing What Size
Learn More And More What's In It For Me ?
Left Behind Whats Wrong With It ?
Lied To Which Gives The Better Ride
Locked In A Cold Store Why Use Force
Long Term Relationship Wife's Support
Lucky Details Witch Hiker
Lucky Man Would You Like
Marital Relations Writing On The Wall
Mess With The Officers Wrong Door
Mines Better Wrong Excuse
Mistaken Identity You Need A Tie
More Than Expected Young Yankee
My Agent Your Telling Me
My Clumsy Husband  


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