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Funny Office Lists

We've a whole collection of funny office lists for you to enjoy, funny, scary, truthful and entertaining! Just click on one of the links below and enjoy!

Appraisal Language
Bad Language at Work
Bible for Office Workers
Casual Days
Corporate Animal Spirit Calendar
Corporate Astrology
Corporate Language
Cost Cutting Measures
Signs that your co-worker is a hacker
Differences between you and your boss
Employee Evaluation
Excuses for being caught sleeping in the office
Excuses for taking a day off
Fun things to hide in the bosses office
How to get rid of tele marketing callers
Interviewing Techniques
Letters of Recommendation
Men vs Women at Work
Near Utopian Conditions
New Billing Codes
New Sick Leave Policy
Reasons Why Not
Resume Mistakes
Rules for work
Signs you have a bad secretary
Signs that your company is planning to lay off people
Streaking at Work
Things that sound rude in the office
Things to do at an Interview
Useful Phrases for Work
Ways to get fired
What corporate phrases actually mean
What Employment Ads Really Mean
What Job Applicants Actually Mean
Why Hell is better than your job
Work vs Prison Comparison
You know it's your last day when...
You Might be an Accountant...
You Might be Computer Illiterate...
You Might be in Human Resources...
You Might be Making Your Co-Workers Nervous...


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