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The managing director of a large company called in a business psychiatrist to sit in with him while he interviewed three prospective secretaries. When the first girl came in, the psychiatrist asked her, 'How much is five and five?'

'Ten,' the girl replied prompdy.

On being asked thee same question, the second girl said, 'Well - I suppose the answer could be fifty-five.'

The third girl said, It could be ten - or it could be fifty-five.'

When the applicants had left the room, the psychiatrist said, The first girl gave the obvious answer she's the straightforward type. The second girl said "fifty-five" and that shows that she uses her imagination. But the third girl gave both alternatives, which shows an ability for lateral thinking and the knack of considering all possibilities. Now which girl will you choose?'

'After due consideration,' said the boss, I'll take the big blonde with the tight sweater!'

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