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Out Of Condition

The boss was inspecting the site of his new factory where work was in progress. His Rolls had run out of petrol and the nearest garage was half a mile away at the top of a steep hill. He called to the nearest workman and said, 'Would you mind giving me a push to the top of the hill?'

'Right, boss,' said the worker.

By the time they arrived at the garage, the workman was, quite naturally, red in the face, covered in perspiration and panting heavily.

'Thanks,' said the boss, leaning out of the car window. 'Do you smoke?'

'I do, sir,' panted the workman, expecting at least a box of cigars as a reward for his efforts.

'I thought so,' said the boss. 'I should give it up if I were you - you're obviously badly out of condition.'

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