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Never Trust Anyone

'My boy,' said the boss to his ten-year-old son, 'one day you will enter the family business. You must be prepared for the cut-and-thrust of the world of commerce. Now I want you to climb up on top of the wardrobe.'

'Why, father?' asked the bewildered boy.

'Don't ask questions, just do as I say,' said his father. The lad clambered up on the wardrobe.

'Right,' said his father, holding out his arms. 'Now, jump - I'll catch you.'

'Dad, I'm scared!' protested the boy.

'Don't be scared - just jump! There's nothing to be afraid of.'

So the boy jumped - and at the last moment his father stepped aside and the lad crashed painfully to the floor.

'There!' said his father. 'That's the first rule of business -never trust anybody!'

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