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The boss was interviewing three applicants for the post of personal secretary. His assistant manager sat in the corner in an advisory capacity. The first applicant was a stunning redhead who turned out to be an expert typist with many years' experience. The second girl was a lovely little blonde with a charming personality and she passed the shorthand and typing tests with flying colours. The third applicant was a middle-aged lady of ample proportions, with buck teeth, a squint and bad breath. Her shorthand and typing skills left a great deal to be desired.

When the ladies had left the room, the boss told his assistant that he was going to hire the third applicant. 'But why on earth would you want to do that?' asked the astonished assistant manager.

'In the first place,' said the boss, 'looks aren't everything. In the second place, I'm sure she'll improve as she gets into the swing of things. And in the third place, she's my wife's sister.'

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