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Waste five minutes with us!

Waiting for five o'clock?

Brain overloaded with mind-numbing office routine?

Want to do anything but turn over one more piece of paper?

Your boss driving you insane with yet another pointless office memo?


Well, this web site is just for you! We have no great aspirations, we won't change your career, your life won't change and we won't tell you how to get that well overdue pay rise!

Nothing like that! We have but one very simple purpose...

We're just here to help waste a few minutes of your working day, with a smile, a joke, a pointless list, cunning ways to get back at your boss, ideas to waste even more time, something daft to stick on the noticeboard.

So... spend five minutes having a browse around. Then the next time you're bored stupid, come back again and have another browse around, promise that we're slightly less boring than watching a clock tick around! (Oh and for those of you who actually like to watch a clock tick around... Click Here!)

Have fun!

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